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    Arts & Literature

    Many individuals think that the visual arts only involve painting and sculpture. But in fact, they include many things.

    The Arts bring clarity and order to our visual world. Sculptures and painters select ideas and the forms in which they create and express their ideals, their hopes and the fears of the times in which they live.

    Music, is another important visual art. It deals with human emotions and because of its purity can convey emotions with great intensity. It affects people directly. It can makes us sad, angry or happy. It is a "pure" art form because it makes no use of natural forms or materials.

    Dance is enjoyed by everyone. Primitive tribes danced to prepare themselves for battle. Children everywhere dance because it is fun to express happiness through bodily movements. Dance is another form of art that has been practiced from earliest times. It is uniquely able to intensify moods and emotions and to deepen and dignify feelings in all of us.

    Since language is the most common means of communicating ideas, so the written aspect of communication is the most important method of preserving them.

    Books and manuscripts have served this great purpose throughout the ages. As man's ideas changed and varied, so did the forms of writing, in which man set down his thoughts. Writers, delight and transport us with tales of adventure, they ennoble us with poetry.

    Theater is another important art. The stage is a place for re-enacting the joys and problems of life. The audience becomes part of these situations and we gain insight into human behavior and motives.